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22 August 2009 @ 02:50 am
They're kind of old, but I'm posting them anyway. I made these about a month ago? Little longer? My friends on Gaia were making a Hetalia RP, so I offered my services ^^ Erm, I would've offered to make plain copies, and even upload the .psd files for these, but it seems I've either misplaced them, or they were wiped during my laptop's reformatting. Ugh. Oh well, here you go!

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For the whole photobucket album, click here. On a normal day, I would provide credit. Unfortunately, because of all my textures being gone, I can no longer do this. If you know the texture's creator, could you please tell me the username, and also the link to the texture's download? It'd help a bunch. Thanks.
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Seechan is a new project between my friend Dylan (opengatepalace) and I. Here are some notes I've taken on character and plot:

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The characters Ryo Akimitsu and Kousuke Murata will have their names changed when Dylan and I can have another meet. First of all, it is not just a written or typed up story. Seechan, with it's title in the works, will be a 10-20 minute long tele series broadcasted on my vimeo page and Dylan's YouTube channel. We will start the actual biweekly run sometime in the new year, but our work will start as early as September.

When Seechan is set in motion, this will leave less time for other projects I've started to run such as 'The Bailee Dunsmuir Post' or 'Eleven'. So thusly, these will be stalled and put into ficlet series until Seechan takes a break. Sorry about this.


Extraordinary Seed has come to an abrupt production halt. It seems Dylan is no longer as enthusiastic to work on such a title, and has dropped the project. I have previous knowledge of the fact I cannot work on this by myself, and have once set out to search for partners with enough enthusiasm... which turned out in vain. I have made the sad decision to shelf 'Extraordinary Seed' until further notice. It truly breaks my heart to shelf such a wonderful piece as this, but as of now there is no one with interest in it besides me.


The Frog Prince -unveiled- will recieve a name change. It will now be called 'The Alternative Frog Prince', or AFP, for short. With this name change, will also come a rewrite of my story. I've realized it has a major lacking of dialogue, which is very much needed when it comes to romance. For now it is shelved until the new year.
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15 June 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Here's something that's going to be released weekly on livejournal, but bi-weekly on fictionpress (which is a benefit to you guys). And, well, I want more people to join, so I'm opening all first chapters up to the public. For more, you'll have to subscribe. Read and enjoy, thank you.

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Please leave a comment after reading, thanks!♥
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I'm about to present my slideshow for Socials tomorrow, so here's the download link: http://www.box.net/shared/vbc1po694v

My partner's name is on the front slide, fyi.
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